Depression / Feeling alone...

Majority of us are dealing with something right now that holds an extra weight on our shoulders. We may have trouble performing simple tasks such as getting out of bed, paying bills on time, attending certain events to avoid people or overthinking in general.

We suffer even more when we are unable to meet certain goals and cannot be productive causing us to feel “lazy, or useless”.

We often look back at certain stages in our life where we appeared to be happier and more disciplined questioning ourselves about “what happened to the old me”.

We often wonder ....what stripped us of our happiness? And how do I get that person back..

Getting to the root of depression abs understanding what led you to this stage all along is the key to help relieve some of the worry about you losing your mind.

You are not lazy! You are not useless! You are worthy! You are strong, you are amazing, you are talented. Do not let depression make you lose yourself and forget about your talents. People depend on you and look up to you. That’s enough reason to keep on pushing.

Write down a few tasks to do today and start working on them. Open the blinds, play some music, do some spring cleaning 🌸 🧹 🧽

Throw away old clothes, shoes and other meaningless things. Cook a nice meal, take a hot bubble bath, journal. Write down next weeks goals. Text a friend or family member something nice and inspirational.

Never down play your mental illness. Embrace it! You are not alone. Many celebrities and even people close to us goes through things. Just know that you are not fighting this battle alone. Just take it one day at a time.

-❤️ QJ

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